Best Bike Cover Pulsar 150 Dust and Waterproof 2022

Best Bike Cover Pulsar 150 Dust and Waterproof

Best Bike Cover Pulsar 150 : In this article you will see premium and good quality cover which provide best and cool, waterproof with dust free and remain unchanged from various season affect and other problem, climatic condition.

Below you will see best and the top selling good with high quality fabric made cover. you will see all the prominent information for reason to buy cover for bike.

Let’s Look Some of the Best Bike Cover Pulsar 150 Dust and Waterproof 2022.

[RiderShine] Bajaj Pulsar 150 Body cover Waterproof Dustproof 2022

Best Bike Cover Pulsar 150 Dust and Waterproof
  • RiderShine Brand is one of the best water proof cover and main point regarding this cover is made with polyester and also perfectly fit with this bike and also fit with other pulsar modal such as Bajaj pulsar 150,180,220,200 BS6.
  • Color of the cove is Black which looks gorgeous and nice.
  • It is coming with 5 thread interlock stitching and also having better durability and finishing.
  • One of the important point is that, it protect from scratches done on the bike from the bird and dust proof.
  • Main reason to buy this cover is waterproof and dustproof.
  • It protect from (UV)sunlight, heavy winds and the rust which is going to get various parts such as engine.
  • Give important protection from UV ray and tear resistant.
  • The cover is done stitching, due to which is considered as Heavy duty fabric waterproof and also have rubber coating inside which helps to protect from water.
  • The Rubber coating is soft and water repellent which helps to protect from bird dropping, UV rays and all weather protection.
  • Come with design of cover include pocket.
  • Interlock features of this cover give ultra strong protection.
  • Also come with storage pouch to store the bike cover.
  • Weight of the item is 90 g
  • The dimension of item is 65 x 36 x 40 Centimeters


  • UV protection.
  • DustProof, Waterproof.
  • Scratch proof.
  • 5 Thread Interlock stitching.
  • Cover is also use with other model such as 150,180,220,200 BS6.


  • It is available mostly black in color cover.

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