How to install dirt bike seat cover 2022

How to install dirt bike seat cover 2022

How to install dirt bike seat cover 2022 : Today I’m going to teach you how to replace your seat cover to refresh your so seat cover installation i haven’t done one of these in many years but i used to do them when i was younger.

Complete Details and Requirement, Steps for How to install dirt bike seat cover 2022.

Steps to install dirt bike seat cover

Now you really only need a couple items that you can pick up at any big box home specifically you’re going to need a flat blade screwdriver or a chip lifter.

Then you’ll need a staple gun and a heat gun is also a big assistance at the end for conforming around the edges.

Required Tools to Install Bike Cover
Required Tools to Install Bike Cover

But if all you have is a hair dryer most oem seats are going to have a line of staples around the inside of the seat cover that goes into the plastic pan specifically what you’re going to need to do is you’re going to need to remove all of those staples.

So you can remove most stock covers are just fine but as anything when it ages it cracks it rips thankfully to accomplish anything upholstery needs wise we’re able to and i’ll have a replica seat ready to rock and roll on this thing.

If you have or a mini pry bar that’s what works best so after you remove all the staples you’re simply just going to pull the every once in a while they’ll be held on with some adhesive but usually it’s just the staples that hold the cover on.

Remove all of those staples
Remove all of those staples

So you can use this opportunity when the seat cover is off just to clean up your workspace before you get the job done.

You’re just not going to be able to access these inside lips here once you so oftentimes you’ll get a seat foam that’s degraded enough that you’re going to need to replace it this right here is the original seat foam the seat that i sat on when i first learned how to ride a motorcycle so more than most i want to one little tip when you’re trying to mask off some imperfections that you may use a fabric based tape like gaff tape lightly coat over the top.

So that when it just grazes the top instead of shows the deeper indentations in the foam when putting the seat cover on one of the most important steps you’re going to what i do is i mock up the seat cover by to as close as i can get it to where it’s actually going to be stapled and then use the pencil to make notations of where center is on both the front sides and rear of the seat it is there.

Now if you’re you can start incorporating the heat now the most important part when using the staple gun is because i’ve often the household style big box store staple gun doesn’t have enough power to do it i’m not saying for every situation.

But for most situations with these abs all you need to do is make sure that you on a firm placehold put pressure with that right there sinks it in plenty if there’s ever any void you can just tap it down with a mallet no problem when you push in the nose slide and push up to tighten the cover more before you engage the staple.

So now slowly but surely we’re making our way around the complex corners first now one thing that’s usually going to happen on any seat that has a curvature like this is you’re going to get this so between the combination of the heat gun.

And Finding where i would like the tension to be with the staples i’ll be able to get rid of this extra material there was just a slight little crease here the heat gun worked all that away.

So I think hopefully this gives you the motivation to get out there and do it yourself and honestly but with saying that don’t rush it if it’s your first time doing it take the time you need you can always pull a little bit of more tension on the corner.


And get it all lined up again if you have to you can take a couple tries at it there’s no problem in that hopefully your end result look as good last piece of the puzzle it’s time to.



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